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Sandtray therapy is a symbolic mode of play, in which the understanding of oneself and one’s experiences are reimagined using this symbolic language. While commonly used with children, this therapeutic approach can benefit individuals of all ages! Teenagers, young adults, and parents might feel unsure or skeptical about sandtray therapy due to its playful nature, however once they allow themselves the opportunity to bring sand into therapy, they understand the unique therapeutic advantages.

Clients are typically guided to a room intended for the use of sandtray, and are provided the opportunity to explore shelves with hundreds of miniature figurines, representing a variety of subjects we often interact with in the world. Categories of miniatures include but are not limited to: fantasy figures, methods of transportations, animals, religion & death, treasure and rocks, fences, buildings, and people! Clients are encouraged to create scenes in the sand as projections of their inner experiences, wishes, feelings, and/or past, present, and future situations in their lives.


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