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Client Testimonials

"Wholehearted Healing Collective has been a huge part of my mental health healing journey and my life is so much better for it. As an adult in my late twenties seeking counseling for the first time I was nervous about what the process would be like. The office staff and my counselor were all so welcoming and made me feel at ease immediately. They created an environment that allowed me to make significant progress in my mental health goals." -C.M.

"My son was seeing Emily and he is only 8. I think 1 on 1 sessions were a little too intimidating for him so we may try group therapy again in the fall, but Emily Acosta was amazing with him and I would recommend her to anyone seeking child therapy services." -N.P. 

"I am in a group with Jess and Olivia. I am a plus sized person with a restrictive eating disorder and in my years of treatment, this is the FIRST time I’ve ever felt validated and heard in a group setting. Jess is so aware of the experiences of people in the group and helps connect the conversations seamlessly. I truly enjoy being in this group and feel it has made a huge impact in my recovery journey. Should I ever need to switch individual therapists, I would consider coming to Jess." -Anonymous

"The office was comfortable and Lauren was kind, caring and professional." -G.H. 

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