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The Art Attic

A shared space for individual self-exploration and creative expression!

Open Art Studio

Wholehearted’s “Art Attic” is intended to provide a shared space for individual self-exploration and creative expression! Wholehearted welcomes current clients, prospective clients, and the community to join us in making this a space for healing through creativity. While there will always be a therapist or clinical intern present for Open Hours, time in the studio is not to be confused with “therapy,” and you are free to engage in art-making without direction, prompting or discussion; the therapist will, however, always be present and willing to support you in your creative process, provide example art directives based on your personal experiences and needs, or offer reflective questioning for processing throughout or after art-making, as needed or requested.

We welcome you to bring in a work in progress or use our supplies to create something new. This could be a space to continue working on an art piece that you have been working on in your own individual therapy or something you’re working on independently. WHC’s open art studio is an atmosphere designed intentionally to be a sacred, safe space where creative healing can be both shared or kept intimately experienced; and where everyone is “an artist.” While crafting, drafting, making, and creating, artmakers will be welcomed with warm encouragement, no judgment.

Art Studio Flyers (2)

Registration for open hours is requested, but not required. When coming into the studio for the first time, we ask that you sign-in at WHC’s reception desk first before heading upstairs to the studio.

Call our Admin team to register for open studio hours: (732) 852-7750

Open Studio Hours for Adults

Art Studio Opening (10)

Join Kristy Mathews, MS, LPC, ACS, NCC, and Sarah Woodruff, Clinical Intern, during the hours of 12:00-2:00pm on Tuesdays for open studio hours!

Open Studio Hours for Teens

Art Studio Opening (12)

Join Erin Carr, Clinical Art Therapy Intern during the hours of 3:30-5:30pm on Thursdays for open studio hours!

Think you’re not an artist? That’s okay! We all have creativity within us. Art can be a powerful tool for communication as well as a meditative practice. Come learn how the creative process can be used as a tool to access feelings and reduce stress. In the art studio space, we can use the creative process to explore feelings, understand interpersonal relationships, collaborate with peers, and encourage self-expression.

Limited time GRAND OPENING prices:                    Offer extended!

  • $45 drop-in (2 hours)
  • $40 registration in advance (2 hours)
  • $105 bundle (Three, 2-hour sessions)

*Grand opening prices will remain the same for current clients of WHC.

Standard pricing:

  • $65 drop-in (2 hours)
  • $55 registration in advance (2 hours)
  • $150 bundle (Three, 2-hour sessions)
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