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About Kristy (she/her/hers)

We must first accept where, what, and who we are in the present moment before seeking to change ourselves or our situation. It is my belief that we are all born with the intuition and awareness that is needed to cope with life’s most difficult moments, but we forget how to connect with our most inner selves as time passes and culture, environment, and life experiences impact the mind, body, and soul. In therapy, you’ll learn how to access your inner wisdom and regain a sense of control over your thoughts and emotions.

Perhaps you have the awareness and insight to understand where unhelpful thoughts and behaviors originate, as well as the knowledge about healthy coping and self-care, yet feel paralyzed when faced with a situation requiring you to implement this awareness and knowledge.   Even the most intelligent and successful people need others in their lives to support their continued growth and fulfillment. As your therapist, I will support you in solidifying the foundation on which your personal growth, goals, and healthy lifestyle will build upon.


I am passionate about partnering with individuals that are deeply committed to a practice of:

  • embodying authenticity,
  • compassionate self-awareness, 
  • radical acceptance, 
  • and living each day wholeheartedly. 

Our society is filled with contradicting messages that infiltrate our thoughts and alter our beliefs, goals, and behaviors. On a daily basis, we’re expected to stay connected, but limit screen time; be conscious of what you put in your body, but don’t restrict; be a leader, but don’t be bossy; do your best, but don’t be a perfectionist; be expressive, but not dramatic. While the concept of achieving a perfect balance in each area of our lives is a lovely idea, it’s not a sustainable model for a healthy lifestyle. Life- with or without the perfect body, career, friends, or family- will always be served with a side of bullshit. When you shift your focus from coping with, to transforming through the bullshit, this functional life becomes a fulfilling journey.

  • High-achievers and perfectionism
  • Fear of abandonment
  • Family estrangement
  • Intergenerational Trauma
  • Adolescence and young adulthood
  • Parenting sensitive children
  • Attachment-Based Approach
  • Anxiety, OCD, and Phobias
  • Trauma-Focused CBT
  • Navigating life transitions
  • Overcoming shame

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Basic Training (2021)

Monmouth University (2016)
Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling (MS)

Fairleigh Dickinson University (2010)
BA Psychology; Minors in Criminology and Child Studies


Every decision [we] make is based on two things: fear and love. Therapy strives to teach you how to tell the two apart.
—Lori Gottlieb

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