Yoga for All

"Yoga for All" is grounded in the Health at Every Size (HAES) approach. The Association for Size Diversity and Health defines HAES as a continuously evolving alternative to the weight-centered approach to treating clients and patients of all sizes. In the lens of yoga, HAES will be implemented to make the sequence & poses accessible and adaptable to all bodies.

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  • Yoga can leave you with more energy
  • It can help you manage stress
  • It promotes leveled-up self-care
  • It encourages self-expression
  • Yoga builds confidence

Through the practice of yoga, you can expect to...
- Develop a greater awareness of movement, a sense of freedom on your mat & in your life
- Find balance (Sthira, Sukha) effort & ease
- Equanimity: Meet life where it meets you. Meet your practice where it meets you, Meet your body where it meets you.
- Celebrate what your body CAN do instead of focusing on what it cannot do.
- Learn about yoga: asana(physical postures) and pranayama (breath).