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No Mud, No Lotus: A Post-Traumatic Growth Group

A virtual group for those looking to continue processing past trauma(s) such as grief and loss, growing up in a dysfunctional/alcoholic environment, substance use, abuse etc., and make meaning out of challenging experiences.

Meet Lacy Marrucca, MS, LAC, BCaBA, E-RYT

Oftentimes adversity and hardship are birthplaces for awakening because they encourage us to move far beyond our perceived limitations and thus develop, or rather connect with, unknown internal resources to navigate our experience. In some instances, people experience post-traumatic growth (PTG), which is a term used to describe the extent to which someone grows after experiencing trauma or other painful experiences.

These areas of growth may include:

  • increased appreciation for life
  • improved relationships
  • a sense of new possibilities
  • increased personal strength
  • spiritual change/awareness

This group will explore the various facets of PTG to support members with cultivating a life after trauma and sourced from Wholeness. This group is intended for anyone who has begun processing past trauma(s) in therapy or with a trusted healer and is ready to make meaning from challenging experiences. These traumas may include but are not limited to grief and loss, growing up in a dysfunctional/alcoholic environment, substance use, abuse etc.

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Topics / Themes Covered:

  • Defining spirituality
  • Values clarification
  • Mindfulness meditations
  • Being with your pain (not spiritual bypassing)
  • Life purpose/Leaving a Legacy
  • Connecting with your innate wisdom
  • Barriers to spirituality
  • Spirit in action/spiritual practice - your life is your Ministry

Who May Benefit:

Clients who have struggled with trauma and painful life experiences and wish to rebuild their lives around core values.

Those who have struggled to identify and/or align their lives with their core spiritual values.

Those who have survived trauma and are ready to thrive. (final stages of DBT)


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