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About Lacy (she/her/hers)

I am honored to introduce myself to you. We are all searching to find our Way in this life. I believe that this journey begins with the relationship we have with ourselves. Our therapeutic work together is a partnership, with the primary intention to help you find your unique path, boundaries, purpose, and meaning. Because there are many ways to get to the same destination, I take a holistic and eclectic approach in my practice and utilize what resonates with each person individually. Our work begins by finding clarity with the issues you currently face and determining the direction you want your life to go. We honor where you are in the moment and work on developing awareness, discovering strengths, and building skills, that help you better navigate your path in this life. In yoga we call it a "yoga practice" not "yoga perfection." Similarly, our work together is about cultivating your path so that you can enjoy the journey, rather than an effort to get to a specific destination.


  • Children & Adolesents
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Mindfulness & Yoga
  • Mindful Parenting
  • Parenting Children with Special Needs
  • Family & Marriage Counseling
  • Ecotherapy
  • Holistic and Integrative Health Guide

Our body responds physically to our emotional and mental stress. They are not separate systems and similarly, we are not separate from those in our lives or the world. We are intimately connected. When I work with someone, we look not only at the whole human being but also their world. I help people examine their internal dialog, thoughts, and beliefs to find out where they come from. Is the dialog theirs? Maybe it's the voice of a parent? Is the dialog useful and congruent with who they are? or is it causing them suffering? How are they integrating themselves with their world? How are the people in their world impacting them and vice versa? Is there anxiety and/or depression most likely from their internal or external environment?

Sometimes our issues are in the tissues and are stored in the body. I utilize different modalities to help people process and move through issues on multiple levels. We work physically with yoga, Ayurveda, and ecotherapy, we work on levels of awareness with meditation, and we work energetically with pranayama (breathing practices) and reiki (energy practice). Each of these practices provide almost limitless options. I consider it an honor and a privilege to help my clients find their own unique path to clarity, awareness, and ultimately a continued peace with the moment.

  • Relationship Anthropologist

Not too long ago in our history, women were considered property and marriage was a partnership for survival. There were no expectations of love, passion, or intimacy. And then welcome the feminist movement and the ever continued dissolving of roles. Our evolution is wonderful and amazing but our DNA hasn't evolved. We're still genetically the same as we were 70,000 years ago. We are still the same animal, now living in a societally-inflicted, stressful, captivity and we're trying not only to get along but to thrive!

The couples I work with are trying to find a way forward together. Often the old path is no longer taking them in a direction they want to go but it's well worn and easy to fall back onto. I work with couples to find a new path that works. We improve how they speak to each other, how they listen and understand, and their ability to empathize. Together, we explore their individual strengths and areas of improvement and how they can best utilize and support one another. We uncover their beliefs about marriage and work to define, for themselves, what a happy lasting relationship includes.

  • Parental Support Staff

Wait! This kid doesn't come with a manual? I don't have to pass a test before I take this thing home? Not only is there no manual but there seems to be no end to the opinions on how to do this parenting thing right. Our parents, friends, peers, the pediatrician, the school, everyone has an opinion and the opinions are constantly changing. And then there's how we were raised and the whole we didn't do this/have that/had to walk up hill both ways to school... Or the fact that, this child isn't like me or what worked with my other child isn't working with this child. Every child is unique and every stage of development holds different tasks and challenges. A child can and will throw a tantrum at 2, 15, or 45 if it works and it will look completely different at each stage.

As a former ABA therapist, I work with parents to not only analyze the how and why of the issues they're currently facing with their child but we also look at the big picture. What are they trying to teach their child? What will make them feel like they've been a good parent when their child is grown? What do they want their relationship to look like when their child is 3, 9, 17, 24, 45 years old? Together we work to find the right answers for you, your child, and your family.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Basic Training (2021)

Monmouth University (2020)
Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling (MS)

BCaBA Certification (2004)

Monmouth University (2000)
Fine Art, Minor in Psychology (BA)


If you have a comfortable connection with your inner sensations - if you can trust them to give you accurate information - you will feel in charge of your body, your feelings, and your self." —Bessel van der Kolk

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