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About Emily (she/her/hers)

Welcome to this next chapter in your life!

My name is Emily Simonelli. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor at WHC and I am here to walk alongside you through your journey in life. My goal is to help guide you through obstacles by providing support, teaching coping skills that work for you, and helping you to understand the connections between events from your past and who you are today. It can be difficult to be honest and vulnerable with ourselves and I aim to create a shared space that will allow you to do so.

My experience includes working with clients as young as 4 years old to clients in their adult years. My approach as your clinician includes identifying challenges you face and generating achievable goals to help empower you to live the life you envision. Through this journey together, I strive to help you create mind-body connections, build your self-esteem, discover self-acceptance, and help guide you in creating healthy boundaries that will allow for stronger communication within your relationships.

I am a strong believer in indulging in self-care and listening to what our body is telling us. The mind-body connection is strong and it is important to find healthy things that will fuel you on a daily basis. Some things I do for my own self-care consists of enjoying time in nature, exploring my creative and artistic side, spending time with my dog, and surrounding myself with family and friends.

Be gentle with yourself - healing is not linear.

  • Children & Adolescents
  • Life Transitions
  • Self-Compassion
  • Communication Skills
  • Mindfulness
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the level of which we feel confident and valuable. It molds how others relate to us and the perceptions we have of ourselves. Low self-esteem includes negative self-talk, reoccurring self-criticism, and frequent self-judgment. It can also lead to depression, anxiety, self-harm, and unhealthy eating habits. I work with individuals on building their self-esteem so they can navigate their lives with a more view of themselves and confidence.

  • Mindfulness

Mindfulness includes befriending ourselves and our experience by being aware of the present moment and shifting attention to our bodies. When we allow ourselves to be present during situations, we are better able to make clear and thought out decisions. These decisions are in turn, healthier for us mentally as well as physically. I help those who find it hard to slow down in the moment and listen to what their body and surroundings are trying to say.

  • Boundaries & Communication

Setting boundaries includes vocalizing how we do and do not wish to be treated. Boundaries support our self-respect when communicating with others. I work with individuals to create strong boundaries that will allow for personal growth while creating open and healthy lines of communication in relationships.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Basic Training (2022)

Monmouth University (2020)
Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (M.S.)

Monmouth University (2017)
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (B.A.)


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