Man 2 Man

"Man 2 Man" will be held in person on Wednesdays @ 8pm. The group will be facilitated by Paul Russomanno, MA, LAC. It is now for ALL adult men 18+!

Facilitated by Paul Russomanno, MA, LAC

Man 2 Man is a process group offering discussion topics centered around men's issues. We follow a six-week curriculum that covers areas related to self-identity, relationships, intimacy, emotions and vulnerability. Men can often struggle with addressing interpersonal matters due to learned behaviors or stigmas in society about what is acceptable for men to do. Man 2 Man aims to create a safe space for men to support each other in exploring common challenges and experiences.

Each week will focus on a different theme that will be presented by the facilitator and processed among members. Our curriculum is based on peeling back our outer layers and diving into our authentic selves without the pressure of "who we should be" or "how we should act." Man 2 Man is seeking male members ages 18+ that are committed to exploring more about themselves and challenging the rules of what it means to be a man. Man 2 Man will offer an additional group for older adult males who are interested as well.