Alicia Giglio, MS, LAC, NCC

Site Supervisor & Therapist

About Alicia

Hello! My name is Alicia, and I am a licensed associate counselor. I view healing as a journey instead of a goal. I strive to meet people where they are in their journey and walk beside them as we discover patterns that may be holding them back. In our work together, I aim to create a welcoming, open environment where you can explore yourself while examining relationships with others and your environment. It is my belief that many of our concerns stem in relationships-either with others or with ourselves. I also believe that people are innately resilient and capable of growth when given the appropriate tools. It is my goal for us to work together and create tools that work best for you.

I have worked with clients from 4 years old through adolescence and emerging adulthood, both in individual and family settings. I am particularly interested in attachment and transitions of life but am open to working with anyone who wishes to start their journey towards self-acceptance and understanding. I operate from a humanistic viewpoint and incorporate elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as mindfulness, nature, and creativity.

Navigating conflict through relationships and family systems

Conflict is an unavoidable part of all relationships--whether you argue with your family, friends, co-workers, or partner. We all enter into relationships with our own experiences, vulnerabilities, and strengths. So often, we have experiences that may make us resistant or avoidant to conflict. I operate from a family systems and internal systems approach where each member of a relationship is considered a piece of the system. Imagine relationships are like a car--if one part of the car is not working, the entire system will not function properly. My goal in our work together is to help you be the best version of yourself and learn styles of communication that help you navigate conflict in a constructive way.

Fostering resilience to trauma

Your past experiences, good and bad, have brought you to where you are today. Trauma impacts our mind & body in many ways but it does not have to define us. While we cannot change the past, we can learn from it and use it to help us grow for the future. When we do not heal from our experiences, they may still hurt us in the present and impact our actions. Ultimately, my goal is for us to work through the trauma together so that you can learn healthier patterns to cope for the future. By incorporating elements of internal systems theory, mindfulness, and trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) we can process through the physical and emotional impact of your past experiences to redefine the role that they play in the present.

Cultivating a healthy relationship with food and self worth

Our culture is flooded with messages about diet culture and standards of beauty. Every year there is a new diet, food trend, or beauty product. We are constantly being told that we need to change our body or appearance in order to be happy. I incorporate elements of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), intuitive eating, radical acceptance, and health at every size (HAES) to help you in developing a healthy relationship with yourself.

Once you start approaching your body with curiosity rather than with fear, everything shifts

Bessel van der Kolk

Areas of Focus

  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Attachment
  • Self-Harm
  • Childhood/Adolescense
  • Trauma
  • Eating Disorders

Education & Training

Monmouth University (2020) 
Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MS)

University of Vermont (2017)
Psychology (BS) focus on Developmental Psychology

The Gottman Institute (2019)
Gottman Method Couples Therapy 

License #